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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Recent posts to The Mindful Hack, my blog on neuroscience and the reality of the mind

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I can't make this stuff up: Magnet impairs morality

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

Lighter moment: Want to attract a school of sharks?

Randal Rauser, a self-described "Tentative Apologist" explains,

I ventured into turbid waters a couple days ago by mentioning that in the future I would discuss Steve Meyer's Signature in the Cell in the blog. What followed was a barrage of discussion which led AnAtheist.Net to observe:

"It looks like you have discovered a quick way to attract a fiery horde of new readers."

Indeed. Actually I learned last year about the effect that mention of "intelligent design" has in a blog. I like to think of it as being like a bucket of fish heads and blood. Slop it in the ocean and within fifteen minutes you'll have a number of sharks swimming around the boat snapping things like: "That's just creationism in a cheap tuxedo. Goddidit! Magic! You suck! Ha ha ha!"

So the question. Do you want to deal with the sharks? (Jul 08, 2010)
In my own view, the key question is, do you want to believe that little separates you from a baboon or would you rather be an authentic human being? If the former, behave like a Darwinist troll. You can probably even get money for being a baboon's cousin, if you do a good enough impression. If the latter, try Uncommon Descent, where you will learn things you will not hear from the Darwinists' media sheep heard.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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Lighter moment: Did you have any involvement in this murder?

Blazing Cat Fur offers non-common sense questions that form part of "an actual questionaire police in Regina sent to residents in an effort to solve a recent homicide case" here.

Look at it philosophically, Blazing. If the police wanted to know who the attention-seeking narcissists in the community are, as opposed to the serious perps, this is an excellent method, as the former will rush down to the station to confess. The latter probably will, um, not.

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