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Monday, July 26, 2010

Intellectual freedom in Canada: News roundup

My friend, Blazing Cat Fur, writes to say, regarding a recent child abuse case where the government is fronting the abuser,
Social Services have abandoned common sense and given primacy to "cultural sensitivity". The hospital staff involved can raise concerns and are doing their best to extend the girl's hospital stay under any pretext they can find, however the decision of Social Services will likely trump any objections they raise.
One thing we need beware is “multicultural inclusiveness”, which can lead to toleration of backward, violent value systems - whether driven by drug and alcohol abuse or religious nuts funded from abroad. Different causes, but same effect.

The second thing we need to beware is social workers. Social workers have been monstrous pests throughout the twentieth century, because their profession tends to be guided by fads, not science - whether the fad is eugenics or recovered memories or cultural inclusiveness (of abuse of women and girls). All I can say, as someone who has been through some tough times, is - just keep them out of your life.

Blazing also informs me, re yet another kowtow to criminal bands:
This farce proves that hate crime laws are nothing more than political tools in the hands of our political fools. Ontario was able to arrest, charge, try and convict an 83 year old Nazi in a period of 6 months. They had 3 years and 2 attempts to lay charges against Slammin Salman Hossain. They thew the Jewish Community an 83 year old bone and spat in their face by giving Hossain plenty of time and warning to flee.

The Salman Hossain charges are a deceitful pantomine performed to cause the least offense to the Muslim community. Cowards.
“Cowards?” Oh, that is too kindly. They are tax mooches. The average coward just wants to avoid military service or the need to protect his family. The tax mooch is getting rich off it all, at your and my expense. I am glad to think that people are waking up to all this.

PS: I have been less active recently, due to family issues. Wait till you are my age and live in a four generation family, and you will understand.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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