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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just up at The Mindful Hack

Less than zero: Your daughter is in danger if she takes high fashion seriously

Non-materialist neuroscientist's criticisms of current medicine called "well-founded"

A Christmas tale: Neuroscientist discovers hope for stroke victims - and science establishment's hostility

Neuroscience: Unconscious brain makes best possible choices

Mind: We still have no explanation for why humans have minds - or thoughts

Focus of attention and phenomenal achievement

Mind: We have minds, whether we recognize them or not

Evolutionary psychology: The scam getting nailed at last?

Pop science media: Bruce Thornton on false knowledge

Neuroscience in the News: Here comes the ambiguously described Decade of the Mind

Mind reading technology: In your face and in your mind - or maybe not ...

The Mindful Hack is my blog on neuroscience and spirituality issues, which supports The Spiritual Brain.

Today at Colliding Universes

The canals that just had to exist on Mars

Nuclear weapons: Certainties we are safer without

Astronomer vs. pop science TV

Coffee break: From Dolly the embraceable ewe to a fully downloadable you?

Origin of life: Alien origin taken seriously? Ghost of Francis Crick smiles wanly

Colliding Universes is my blog about competing theories of our universe.

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