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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Darwin's racism and the fact that it cannot be confronted

Just up at Uncommon Descent (comments box):
"Since ID is not a religious program, but a scientific one, I fail to see why an ID proponent needs comment what a religious organization does or doesn’t do. Evolution is all about science (or so we’re told), as such its founder clearly held racists views drawn directly from the science. If you have a similar connection between racism and ID, we’re all ears." - Donald McL
Thank you, Donald! that is precisely my point.

I certainly do not hold myself responsible for everything anyone has ever done in the name of religion, simply because I am a Catholic Christian.

I have also never held any individual Darwinist responsible for everything anyone has done in the name of Darwinism.

But I am - at best - surprised by the lack of interest of science societies in backing away from Darwin's racism.

It would be EASY to do.

I do not want to quarrel uselessly about this. I am simply asking all members of societies that have made statements supporting Darwin vs. intelligent design to FOLLOW UP with a formal statement *divorcing* Darwin's racism.

Just divorce Descent of Man now! Just DO it!

Don't tell me that you idnividually disagree with it. That means nothing in the current climate.

Now, if the Darwinists do not do it, won't we know something useful?

I think we will know something very useful indeed.

I will be VERY happy to publicise any upcoming divorces from The Descent of Man!

Darwinist, do you or don't you divorce this book?

I hope and pray you do. Look, I have friends and in-laws from across the globe, from all races and nations under heaven.

I want to reach across the ideological divide and ask you to use the "year of Darwin" to finally divorce racism.

And if you don't, we will know.

We will definitely all know whether you did or not.

And most of us will not listen to you in the slightest until you do.

Just do it, okay?

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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