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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More ridiculous adulation of arch-Darwinist Dawkins: Now upgraded to prophet

Shades of the ridiculous adulation of Darwin, here's some ridiculous adulation of Dawkins, the current ultra-Darwinist in chief, as the "prophet of the selfish gene":
Andrew Read opens the volume with an account of how his view of life was changed after reading The Selfish Gene on a lonely mountaintop in New Zealand. My own first reading had less of Mt. Sinai in it but was still special. I was in the flats of Michigan in my first year of grad school, and Richard Alexander and John Maynard Smith were already laying waste to the false idol of uncritical group selection. Alerted by Maynard Smith to the imminent appearance of The Selfish Gene, I watched for it, snapped it up immediately, and, though I am neither a night owl nor a rapid reader, I had devoured it whole by the early hours of the next morning.

These people are beyond parody, which saves me work. You have to pay to read the rest of the glowing testimonial, including how author Queller and his dad both seen da light and realize that the selfish gene governs everyone's behavior ...
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Another ID-friendly paper clears the gauntlet: Focus on saber-tooth tigers

In a paper in an Italian biology journal, John Davison argues that the design of life forms is not generated by Darwin's natural selection, continually adding up, hour after hour, the benefits of a particular arrangement, but rather by preexisting designs, in accord with the physics and chemistry of our universe. (As far as I know, this approach is called "structuralism," and it is hateful beyond imagining to the Darwinists.)
In 1993, Otto Schindewolf said that evolution postulates “a unique, historical course of events that took place in the past, is not repeatable experimentally and cannot be investigated in that way.” In this peer-reviewed article from a prestigious Italian biology journal, John A. Davison agrees with Schindewolf. Since “[o]ne can hardly expect to demonstrate a mechanism that simply does not and did not exist,” Davison attempts to find new explanations for the origin of convergence among biological forms. Davison contends that “[t]he so-called phenomenon of convergent evolution may not be that at all, but simply the expression of the same preformed ‘blueprints’ by unrelated organisms.” While discussing many remarkable examples of “convergent evolution,” particularly the marsupial and placental saber-toothed cats, Davison’s meaning is unmistakable: This evidence “bears, not only on the questions raised here, but also, on the whole issue of Intelligent Design.” Davison clearly implies that this evidence is expected under an intelligent design model, but not under a Neo-Darwinian one. (Davison, John A. “A Prescribed Evolutionary Hypothesis,” Rivista di Biologia/Biology Forum 98 (2005): 155-166.)

All saber tooth tigers are now extinct, but placental saber-tooths presumably gave birth after some months to cubs nourished by a placenta that separates the body systems of mother and infant*. Marsupials, by contrast, produce embryos after only a few weeks. The embryos then crawl up into a pouch (marsupium) on their mother's underside to latch onto a teat and finish their development. Although all these sabertooths were mammals, the engineering of a placenta, which is an exceedingly complex organ, vs. a marsupium (another complex organ) is quite different.

Here's what's at issue: Darwinism requires that each stage in the engineering of a complex organ such as the placenta or marsupium be driven by an individual "selective advantage." But that seems hopelessly improbable to many respected scientists.

In reality, it makes much more sense to assume a high level of original design, however we account for it, with natural selection only trimming the defects of individual examples of the design.
*because otherwise the mother's antibodies would kill the infant. That's what happens in Rh negative disease.

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Coma victim awakes after 19 years: Brain completely rewired with "novel anatomical structures"

A guy who regained consciousness after 19 years in a coma had essentially rewired his brain, in novel ways.
Wallis’s brain had, very gradually, developed new pathways and completely novel anatomical structures to re-establish functional connections, compensating for the brain pathways lost in the accident.

We are told that a study of the results shows that "far greater potential for recovery and regeneration then ever suspected."

In other words, the dogma - flatly stated to many of us - that brains cannot regenerate, is simply wrong.

We do well to be skeptical nowadays of any "brain is a piece of meat" dogma originating in materialism. Hey, the life you save may be your own.
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Darwinism franchise opens in Britain: (= ID controversy ramps up in Europe)

National Center for Science Education is one of the key groups responsible for the popularity of intelligent design theory in the United States - on account of its senseless promotion of Darwinism in the public schools. Now, I see, the idea is being
exported to Britain, so we can anticipate more people finding reasons to doubt Darwinism there.

Don't forget- most of us never think much about D. and his theory. Only when Darwinism is force fed to us, do we begin to discover that it's a load of high-energy twaddle.

My favorite NCSE move is finding a bunch of liberal dog-collars and well-meaning but clueless scientists to insist that here is no conflict between Darwinism and Christianity, when a thirteen-year-old could figure out that the conflict is obvious and fundamental.
If you like this blog, check out my book on the intelligent design controversy, By Design or by Chance?. You can read excerpts as well.

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