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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fun at Colliding Universes

Here are some links to recent posts to Colliding Universes, my blog about differing views of our universe:

No boundaries proposal? Or no possibility proposal?

Here Stephen Hawking explains why we are doomed if we don't vamoose Earth. Speaking for myself, I would probably be doomed if I did. I'm doomed anyway, but I belong to a culture where people hope to die peacefully in their sleep.

Aliens should be better than termites

Favourite quote on extraterrestrials: "If for some reasons the aliens are actually interested in us, I think they are probably already here, and given a certain level of technology, if would probably be easy to hide from us, even on a daily basis."
Yes, I should think so. Termites do it all the time. So do the rats at a nearby dumpster. (That’s why the rule of thumb is, for every rat you happen to spot, there are a dozen.)

Now, what I’d be interested to know is, the ETs never phone, they never write. Why do we assume they exist?

Most of the reasons I have heard are based on attitudes, values, and beliefs, not science.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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