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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

How the Darwinists help the ID guys (# zillion and three)

Nobody seems to be blogging these days, including me, but a friend sent me something interesting: I've often said that the ID guys owe a good deal of their success to their opposition, and here is an example of just what I mean, kindly provided by ID embryologist Jonathan Wells's Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (Regnery, 2006) about Paul Mirecki:

From Chapter 15 (p. 173):

Anti-Christian zealots are often in the forefront of attacks on intelligent design. In 2005, the chairman of the University of Kansas Religious Studies Department, atheist Paul Mirecki, proposed to teach a course titled "Intelligent Design Creationism and Other Mythologies." Mirecki boasted on a web site that "fundies" would see the course as a "slap in their big fat face." He also endorsed a description of Pope John Paul II as "a corpse in a funny hat wearing a dress." [13]

[note 13] Laura Bauer, "Intelligent design backers criticize KU course title," The Kansas City Star, November 23, 2005. Available online (January 2006)
Scott Jaschik, Emails Kill a Course, Inside Higher Education, December 2, 2005. Available online (January 2006)
Michelle Malkin, "What Happened to Paul Mirecki?" December 7, 2005. Available online (January 2006)

Now, this kind of thing raises an interesting question: Why would anyone expect to be taken seriously if this is the best they can do?

Or is my conspirazoid coffee buddy right - the nefarious Discovery Institute is paying people to act this way? Naw, that level of PR fiasco is pretty hard to fake. Isn’t it? Surely the political parties would have scarfed up anyone with that kind of talent long ago, outpricing the Discos easily.

But gee I wish Mirecki's course had run. Just think of the great quotes I could have got for my blogs. Rats. Now I have to work.

(Note: I have altered the end note [13] above by embedding the links, so as to avoid broken links. )

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