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Friday, September 05, 2008

Evolutionary Creation? I am supposed to promote THAT?

Someone has recently asked me to help promote Denis Lamoureux’s Evolutionary Creation book.

Well, I can’t. As long as I live, I will never forget Lamoureux vociferously agreeing with atheist Michael Ruse in attacking ID theorist Michael Behe and a local Toronto biology teacher who made the mistake of trying to present both sides in his classes (Valerie Pringle’s Test of Faith, November 17, 2003).

Ruse had the decency to admit that Bob Giza, an award-winning teacher, was a good teacher.

Of course he was. I met him and his students at Chaminade High School in Toronto.. They loved science, and if you are a science teacher, that is the best you can hope to do.

I have had several conversations with Lamoureux, and he has struck me as a typical fatuous sellout of the decaying “evangelical Christian” culture that currently helps to deform Canada.

Earth to Lamoureux: Darwin is not the answer to any problem we now have. There is NO need to figure out how to incorporate him into our life together.

Just forget him and start figuring out what really happened in the history of life. Stop attacking people who know that Darwinism - and all its works - is false.

Too many people who are not your students know that now.

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Intellectual Freedom in Canada: Oops ... a political party has actually noticed the problem

It seems unbelievable to some of us, but the Canadian Conservative party may have noticed the growing revolt among the people who work, pay taxes, and obey the laws against the arbitrary powers of “human rights” commissions and the chill on our whole society that has resulted.

Deborah Gyapong of the parliamentary Press Gallery has the story here:
And what could that possibly be? Well, in a survey sent out to party members, apparently Question 10 asks,

Government bodies typically known as "human rights tribunals" have been in the news a lot during the last year. Many people have commented that their usefulness has come to an end as some begin to persecute people. Do you agree that some of these "human rights tribunals" have overstepped their bounds?

Then there are little boxes to check YES or NO

Don't you love the quotation marks around "human rights tribunals"?

Yes, Deborah, I love the quotation marks too. I love every evidence that our government is not completely out of control, even if the party hacks have no more courage than to insert punctuation marks.

Why don’t they get it? Let me put the matter simply, as if speaking to a slow child:

Most North Americans - Canadians or Americans - think that we were born free. Our ancestors or we ourselves came here to get away from entitlement systems, thought control, secret police - in short, everything that the "human rights tribunals" stand for.

Thousands of our dead soldiers (and some medics, nurses, reporters, etc.) died to defend a society where the persecutions they unleash would not happen.

Harper, you want a majority? WHY?

You want to be Boss Man? We don’t need a Boss Man in Canada!

We need a prime minister of a free country, a liberal democracy from its very beginning in 1867. And a country with a proud history. We got rid of slavery long before the United States did. Remember that from History class?

(Oh, wait. Nobody studies History now. Just “Victimization Studies.”)

Harper, prove your sincerity by shutting down the federal “human rights commission” [= Canada’s human face of fascism]. Otherwise, please don’t send your stealth operatives into my neighbourhood to ask for lawn signs. I don’t want to be charged by the provincial human face of fascism in Ontario for telling them what I think.

But you can be sure that if I am, I will fight.

Oh and, by the way, apparently, the “human rights” apparatchiks have decided that freedom of speech is not a Canadian value. They sure do deserve their “” earrings.

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