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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Podcasts in the intelligent design controversy

Here follows a list of podcasts on various topics by persons of interest to the intelligent design controversy. These will be added to the Encyclopedia of Evolution in the Light of Intelligent Design

Aldini, Giovanni, and virulent materialism, with John West (podcast)

Allegory of the Cave SciPhiShow with Jason Rennie (podcast)

analogies interview with Jay Richards on analogies in science (podcast)

antibiotic resistance - problems for evolution theory (animation)

astronomy and intelligent design interview with Guillermo Gonzalez, (podcast)

Campagna, Joey C., Intelligent design - research Wiki Web site for research (podcast)

Canada - intelligent design controversy in Canada - Cultural differences between Canada and the United States, interview with Denyse O'Leary (podcast)

Chambers, Scott, "Cosmological Fine-Tuning and the Multiverse Model" interview (podcast)

Ciencia Alternativa - intelligent design interview with Mario Lopez (podcast)

cosmological fine tuning "Cosmological Fine-Tuning and the Multiverse Model", interview by Casey Luskin with Scott Chambers (podcast)

Cypher's choice Jason Rennie explains the Matrix crux (podcast)

Darwinbots Denyse O'Leary vs. the Darwinbots (podcast)

Darwin Day in America - West, John, on Darwin Day in America (podcast) John West reads from his book Darwin Day in America (podcast)

Darwinism moral relativism and Darwinism John West (podcast)

Darwinism, Judaism, and Christianity with Jonathan Rosenblum (podcast)

Dawkins, Richard, information challenge Casey Luskin's response (podcast)

Dembski, William, on intelligent design and the church, in conversation with Russell Moore (podcast)

Descartes's demon SciPhiShow with Jason Rennie (podcast)

design - unintelligent design - A discussion between Sheirdan Voysey (host), Robyn Williams, and Denyse O'Leary (science journalists) (podcast)

Doan, Andy, interviewed by Jason Rennie, "Miracles and the Q" (podcast)

Dover case (US) Montana Law review articles (podcast)

Evolutionary Informatics Lab Robert Marks's explanation (podcast)

Evolutionary Informatics Lab and Banned Items (podcast)

Evolutionary Informatics Lab - Web site suppressed at Baylor Report by Anika Smith (podcast)

Evolutionary Informatics Lab See also Marks, Robert

Expelled movie, with Ben Stein - interview with Bruce Chapman (video podcast)

Explore Evolution information, textbook (podcast)

falsifiability - intelligent design and falsifiability interview with Jay Richards (podcast)

fine tuning of the universe Discovery Institute's Casey Luskin discusses Newsweek's Sharon Begley's take on fine-tuning (podcast)

Foundation for Thought and Ethics Dover Trial (podcast) Casey Luskin and Seth Cooper ask, was justice done?

fine tuning of the universe "Cosmological Fine-Tuning and the Multiverse Model", interview by Casey Luskin with Scott Chambers (podcast)

fine tuning of the universe - Casey Luskin on Newsweek article by Sharon Begley (podcast)

Gilder, George, on information theory, at Bar-Ilan University (podcast)

Gnosticism Ben Witherington III interviewed by Jason Rennie of the SciPhiShow, on Gnosticism and Christianity (podcast)

Gnosticism Edwin Yamauchi interviewed by Jason Rennie of the SciPhiShow, on who Gnostics were and what they believed (podcast)

Gonzalez, Guillermo, interview on the Privileged Planet hypothesis (podcast)

Gonzalez, Guillermo, astronomy and intelligent design interview with Guillermo Gonzalez, (podcast)

Gonzalez, Guillermo - denied tenure - documents, interview with John West (podcast)

Gonzalez, Guillermo - denied tenure - tenure appeal (podcast)

Haeckel's embryos - use in textbooks, interview with Casey Luskin (podcast)

homology - intelligent design and homology (video podcast)

Hunter, George Cornelius - interview on his recent book, Science's Blind Spot (podcast)

information theory - George Gilder at Bar-Ilan University (podcast)

intelligent design - definitions, Crowther, Robert: "Defining what intelligent design is" (podcast)

intelligent design - definitions, Luskin, Casey: "Confronting misrepresentative definitions of intelligent design" (podcast)

ntelligent design - falsifiability interview with Jay Richards (podcast)

intelligent design - origin of term by Rob Crowther (podcast)

intelligent design - research Wiki Web site for research (podcast)

Jensen, Lyle, neo-Darwiism skeptic (podcast)

Keller, Rebecca, on "Real Science for Kids" (podcast)

magic - SciPhiSHow with Jason Rennie, on science, rreligion, magic, and technology (podcast)

Marks, Robert - Evolutionary Informatics Lab Web site suppressed at Baylor Report by Anika Smith (podcast)

Matrix SciPhiShow with Jason Rennie (podcast)

mind - mind as illusion - Is the mind just an illusion. Anika Smith interviews Denyse O'Leary (podcast)

miracles, Doan, Andy, "Miracles and the Q" (podcast)

moral relativism moral relativism and Darwinism John West (podcast)

multiverse "Cosmological Fine-Tuning and the Multiverse Model", interview by Casey Luskin with Scott Chambers (podcast)

privileged planet hypothesis interview with Guillermo Gonzalez, on the Privileged Planet hypothesis (podcast)

Real Science for Kids - Keller, Rebecca, on "Real Science for Kids" (podcast)

Rosenblum, Jonathan, interview on Deniuable Darwin (podcast)

science journals - double standard re intelligent design interview with Paul Nelson re Michael Behe's work (podcast)

Von Baer's law - interview with Paul Nelson (podcast)

Wels, Jonathan, an interview with Doug Giles at AudioClash on his book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Intelligent Design (podcast)

West, John, Darwinism moral relativism and Darwinism John West (podcast)

West, John, on Darwin Day in America (podcast)

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Not a Darwinbot? Got a story? Tell it to the Expelled!

Have you got an Expelled story, for the movie about the current frantic attempt to suppress evidence of intelligent design in the universe?

Go here to tell it.

Here are a few stories that have appeared recently:
a steep cost for heresy
Added by: Jerald, kill the messenger when they discovered they could not kill the message

Credible Sources
Added by: Robert, A college paper thrown out and a failing grade given simply because some of my sources where written by authors who show evidence for Intelligent design

Alligator man fired
Added by: Norbert, After studying over 200 wild alligators and publishing over 100 papers I was denied tenure.

Intolerance at Christian Colleges.
Added by: Jerry, My experience of being expelled from several Christian colleges due to my doubts about Darwinism.

Now, I haven't investigated these individual stories, but they are consistent with the other gen.

I usually tell students, keep QUIET. Act like a good little Darwinbot. Question nothing, no matter how ridiculous. Practice keeping a straight face. (Anyone who laughs will be disqualified.) Get great marks.

And wait for the signal ...

(But just for now, you can tell your story.)

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The growing importance of blogging

I asked some friends a while back what I should say to a group of magazine editors about blogging. Is it just a passing phase?

A young scientist relied, noting the following:
I, a biotechnology lab researcher, have not read a printed newspaper or a hard-copy magazine cover-to-cover for about 10 years. I would (informally) break down my media exposure (per visual/audio word) in the last 5 years as follows:

35%: blogs about science, international, and national news (delivered to me via RSS/XML)
35%: email updates from Google News, Nature, Science, NCBI(PubMed)
10%: websites covering news
8%: podcasts about scientific issues
8%: conversational/word of mouth
2%: radio news (like NPR, local talk radio, news blurbs on music stations)
1%: printed news in any form
1%: TV news

His media consumption habits - I find - are becoming more common, with both good and bad effects, but all of them unavoidable ones.

I started this blog about two and a half years ago now, with the idea of cumulating the events of the intelligent design controversy that happened after the publication of my book By Design or by Chance?. That would certainly make the book easier to update.

Somehow or other, along the way, this blog took on a life of its own. (A new origin of life theory, anyone?)

But I had learned something too. As soon as I recovered from writing my share of The Spiritual Brain, I started the Mindful Hack (a riff on "mind hacks" - materialist neuroscientists and neuroscience writers). I didn't wait for the Spiritual Brain book to be published.

For my next book, I think I will blog while the book is in progress. There is definitely some synergy between books and blogging, though I am not certain how to describe it ...


Father of RNA world origin of life theory dies

Leslie Orgel, father of the RNA World origin of life theory, hasdied at 80 years of age. Go here, here, and here for more details. His motto, "Evolution is cleverer than you are." He probably believed it too.


A real Dr. Frankenstein?

I should have posted this podcast about a sort of historical Dr. Frankenstein, Giovani Aldini, last night. According to John West, author of Darwin Day in America, "His gruesome experiments provided the inspiration for Frankenstein and foreshadowed the rise of a virulent strain of materialism that attempted to use science to reduce human beings to mere matter in motion."

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Service Note

If you like this blog, check out my book on the intelligent design controversy, By Design or by Chance?, or my book of essays on faith and science topics, Faith@Science: Why science needs faith in the 21st century (Winnipeg: J. Gordon Shillingford, 2001). You can read excerpts as well.

My other blog is the Mindful Hack, which keeps tabs on neuroscience and the mind.

Are you looking for one of the following stories?

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Encyclopedia of ID topics Evolution in the light of intelligent design - look up intelligent design topics here.

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Intelligent design-friendly students should be flunked, according to bio prof Evolutionary biologist’s opinion that all students friendly to intelligent design should be flunked.

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March of the Penguins A critical look at why March of the Penguins was thought to be an ID film.

Origin of life Why origin of life is such a difficult problem.

Peer review My backgrounder about peer review issues.

Polls relevant to the intelligent design controversy A summary of recent polls of US public opinion on the ID controversy

Stove, David O'Leary's intro to non-Darwinian agnostic philosopher David Stove’s critique of Darwinism.

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