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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Could Darwin take communion at a Catholic Church?

I've been slow blogging these last couple of days, as I am editing a manuscript on a rush basis.

Just a note to say that, among the many trolls and morons who landed in and were quickly bounced out of my Inbox in the last couple of days, were several Useful Catholic Idiots who want me to know that the Catholic Church approves of evolution.

Now, by evolution, they mean Darwinism - if they understand clearly enough what they are talking about to mean anything in particular. That, admittedly, was usually unclear.

It was about Darwinism, of course, that I was talking, in the post that set off the troll explosion. This present message is not intended for them because they need to believe something that is not only untrue but could not possibly be true. But for any others who may be interested:

Darwinism exists to account for the history of life without design or purpose. So, as a matter of fact, Darwinism is precisely the sort of evolution of which the Church does not approve, and both Cardinal Schoenborn and Benedict XVI have recently made that clear. Here's a summary. If anything, the Church would be more likely to dust off Teilhard de Chardin, ridiculed by Darwinists.

The fact that so many lapsed Catholics approve of Darwinism strengthens my point.

All the authors of the recent spate of atheist books sense the deep importance o f Darwinism to their cause. So the matter is simple, in a way: The very reason the Church can't support it is the reason they must.

By the way, the answer to the hedder question: No, because he wasn't a Catholic. And he wouldn't have wanted to even if he were. Despite the rot sometimes preached in schoolbooks, his faith gradually unravelled through his life. He said different things to different people at different times but that is, without question, the general direction.

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