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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Just up at The Mindful Hack ...

Artificial intelligence: Computers do not think, they "shuffle bits"

Artificial intelligence: Getting computers to pretend to converse is an " extremely hard computational problem"

Spirituality: Churches nobody goes to any more vs. the "ancient and ever new" ones

Brain: The turtle really did beat the rabbit, you know ...

Spirituality and the arts: High time someone said this

The Mindful Hack is my blog that supports The Spiritual Brain (Beauregard and O'Leary, 2007) .

Future Tense - Where New Books Go To Be Born

I’ve been doing volunteer work this morning at Future Tense - a new blog started by The Word Guild, of which I am a member. I just thought I may as well put up these links in case anyone is interested. I will be back in my regular cube soon.

1. Heritage Canada tells it like it is about the book industry (must read if you live in Canada!)

2. Anchor Christian retailer goes into receivership

3. Can I get an agent? Well, first, let’s be clear about why you want one

4. No, it's not just us - The New Yorker tells it like it is about big US publishing

5. Public enemies of books. No, not the ones you think ...

6. It’s All So Simple - Isn’t It? (Denise Rumble)

PS: The Word Guild is a Canadian organization for writers who are Christian but we do NOT focus narrowly on issues in the Christian or the Canadian end of the industry. We are all making a big transition together after all, and TWG bloggers hope that a diverse readership will enjoy news and views at Future Tense.

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