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Friday, August 29, 2008

Just up at The Mindful Hack ...

The Mindful Hack is my blog which supports The Spiritual Brain, a neuroscientist's case for the existence of the soul (Harper One 2007)

Human evolution: But who decided that the Neanderthals were dumb in the first place?

Free will: Can you believe in it as a merely irrational preference?

Consciousness: Half an oaf is better than none?

Spiritual Brain sells out in Dutch translation

Spirituality: If there is no life after death, does it matter whether you are Hitler or Mother Teresa?

Religion: Why "evolutionary" explanations don't really work

The difference between thinking and consciousness

Mind: Current science less and less precise as it approaches the mind?

Atheist bigots: Avoiding serious questions and targeting ignorant religious folk

L’Intelligence spirituelle : Introduction (en francais)

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