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Monday, April 20, 2009

Intellectual freedom in Canada - post at Christian writers' blog

I just put up a post at Canada's Christian writers' site on Ezra Levant's new book Shakedown and other intellectual freedom-related matters.


It was the blogosphere that started to publicize what was happening very early and is still the best source today. I especially recommend Fr. Sean Binks's site, Free Mark Steyn (the name references the troubles that columnist Steyn had with three different HRCs). Here's Steyn's testimony to an Ontario legislative committee hearing.

As for the legacy media, just keep in mind that we bloggers don't call them "the legacy" for nothing. (They are sort of like the stuffy old furniture Grandma left you. You wish someone would just steal it, but no one is likely to, and leaving it out in the rain really won't help.)

Go here for the rest.

It was the lack of outrage over what was happening that bothered me more than anything else. I guess some would be happy to just be "government media", fronting whatever the popular political culture wants, as if that's all there is to reporting news.

Well, it isn't. The first rule is, never believe what the current political culture tells you if you want to cover breaking news.

If it's breaking news, chances are, it isn't part of the current political culture. That culture is dedicated to churning out stuff people believe and don't think much about.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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