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Thursday, October 23, 2008

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Intelligent design and high culture: ID guy Bill Dembski goes back to the U that turfed him, and talks about design

From the Baylor Lariat, we learn:
A rocky past with Baylor University didn't stop former Baylor professor Dr. William A. Dembski from discussing the controversial issue of intelligent design during his lecture, organized by members of the aspiring Baylor chapter of American Scientific Affiliation.

Dembski's lecture, titled "Darwin's Unpaid Debt," focused on biological complexity, information and design as the primary keys to evolution. Dembski's view is ignored by Darwin's theory of evolution, which specifically targets natural selection as the only reason for evolution.

"Darwin's Theory cannot be the whole story to life as we know it," Dembski said. "We need to connect the dots that structure all biological systems."

Dembski suggested in his lecture that there is a whole realm of biological complexities that Darwin didn't know about and that there has to be an intelligent design within evolution to create variation and change, giving evolution a never-ending future.
Actually, if Darwin had known what we do today about the actual time scale fort he history of life on Earth and the intricate machinery in cells - he would have come up with another theory.

Darwin's fans are so yesterday.

Go here for more.

Why a Baptist university would want to doubt that the universe shows evidence of intelligent design is beyond me - actually, no, not beyond me.

It is a symptom of mainstream Christians' anxiety to sell out to materialists rather than confront them with evidence.

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