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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Civil rights lawyer charged again

Alberta civil rights lawyer Ezra Levant, "The Ez", has been hit with another "human rights" complaint. As he explains,
Rob Wells is the Fred Phelps of the gay rights lobby.

Phelps, as readers will know, is the former award-winning civil rights activist who just snapped about 25 years ago. Now he pickets funerals, holding up signs saying things like “God hates fags”.

Wells is pretty much the same, but without the noble past. And he switches Phelps’s routine around a little: he protests outside churches, for months on end, slandering Catholics. He actually dresses his vehicle with anti-Christian hate messages, equating Catholics with Nazis, and drives around looking for people to offend.

[ ... ]

The fact is, it’s Phelps and Wells who are the haters.

Which is why it’s such an honour that the latest human rights complaint filed against me is by Rob Wells.
The details follow.

Reader, if you are unfamiliar with the current degradation of Canada, you may find the details unbelievable - for example, that the government agency that promotes anti-Christian bigots like Wells, "The Canadian Human Rights Commission" (CHRC), operates without any traditional legal safeguards. But that is all exhaustively documented, and Levant's site is a good place to start.

The Ez continues,
I’m disgusted with Rob Wells – he’s just as despicable as Fred Phelps. But he’s just an individual bigot, and he's got the freedom to utter his filthy speech. What’s truly appalling, though, is how he’s turned the CHRC into his personal anti-Christian inquisition – going after the Christian Heritage Party, Rev. Boissoin and Fr. de Valk. Without the CHRC’s aid and comfort, Wells would still be driving around Edmonton in his hatemobile, a pitiful, angry, junior Fred Phelps. But, thanks to Jennifer Lynch and the rest of the team at the CHRC, the taxpayers of Canada and the laws of Canada have been hijacked, yet again.
Hijacked? Well, maybe. Some Canadians enjoy persecuting people, and some Christians think that the persecution of other Christians is a romantic "Left Behind" drawma. "See, it's all happening to them just like that pastor with the gift of prophecy promised!" they fatuously inform us, before driving off in their late-model cars to their comfortable suburban homes. I wonder how many of them work for the government?

Believe me, no gift of prophecy is required to predict that those who do not defend their civil liberties lose them. But worse - they often do not care until it happens to them personally, instead of to someone else.

Unfortunately, Canadian Christians are also saddled with a great deal of pitiful, second-rate "Christian" media, prone to running testimonies and "good works" pieces, contributed largely for free. Such publications are not prone to covering concerted, government-aided attacks on Christians, of the type that Levant - who is Jewish and possesses uncommon courage - discusses.

In other words, they are not prone to covering the most important current Canadian religious news in much depth or detail. For one thing, they would need to pay a competent journalist a living wage - and apprise their timid readers that they are prepared to take risks. They might never recover from such decisions because most of their readers esssentially do not want to know until it happens to them personally. And then they won't need a news medium to tell them.

If you want to know what is happening re civil liberties in Canada, go here or here for regular updates, and do not bother with conventional Canadian Christian media at present. By the time they catch up, the real news will have moved on.

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