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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From Ezra Levant's Shakedown - 11

With the exception of a handful of Muslim radicals, such as Arman Chak, Canada's HRCs are generally the preserve of middle-aged white folk. It says a lot about how thoroughly our society has distorted the concept of human rights over the yeas that leftist, feminist bureaucrats could unwittingly become the allies of angry men with fascist politics and medieval ideas about women's place in society. (p. 120)

That's the strangest part of all, of course. The romance between the authoritarian left and radical Islamists.

Until you realize one really simple thing. Both groups want to oppress someone; they just disagree on who to beat up on. Sort of like two wolf packs having a huge row about whether to attack the cows or the sheep first, and deciding to go after both at once .... gee, if I am the farmer, my cup runneth over, right?

Hey, why listen to me? Buy the book:

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