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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From Ezra Levant's Shakedown 6

If you're mad about something in your life, no matter how trivial - no matter if it's your own fault - there really is no reason not to file a complaint with your unfriendly neighbourhood human rights commission. It doesn't cost you a thing to start a complaint. Not even the price of a postage stamp - you can just fax your complaint in. If you win, you can get tax-free cash, and often some sort of government order that will try to assuage your feelings - like an order to make those darned pizza boys change the CD at work and stop hiding your stool. And even if you lose and the HRC vindicates your opponent, there's the cruel satisfaction of knowing that you've punished your adversaries by putting them through years of legal hassles. (p. 70)
Yes, exactly. It is a system tailored to elevate grievances traditionally solved by common sense methods into cases that not only create work for commissioners but expand the number of situations commissioners can intrude into. Just what the world needs - a grievance industry!

My own view, for that it is worth, is this: Many modern Western governments are nearly bankrupt. So the key current business opportunity for many people is shaking down private citizens for the little they own. It is no surprise that "human rights" commissions have ramped up to do precisely that.

Indeed, Levant discovered that recently:
... thousands of Canadians have been "quiet victims" of human rights commissions. They're the 90% of HRC targets who make the choice to cut their losses and pay some shakedown money just to get out of the unfair system, but they're scarred by the experience forever. (I suppose even my own father falls into that category, though he refused to pay the danegeld.) Those folks are just glad to hear someone finally chose to fight back.
Good for old Dr. Levant then! Healthy change will come when people simply stop regarding or obeying these diktats from social engineers. Civil disobedience can sometimes be the most important duty of a citizen.

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