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Monday, March 30, 2009

From Ezra Levant's Shakedown - 3

Disclosure in the B.C. human rights trial of Maclean's magazine was even zanier, if that's possible. The Canadian Islamic Congress gave copies of some of their documents to Maclean's the night before the hearing - not weeks before, as they had been ordered to do. At one point in the trial, proceedings had to stop as everyone waited fir the CIC's documents to be printed out at a local Kinko's. Then they were rushed to the court - which is when lawyers from Maclean's got their first look at them.

Maclean's magazine eventually won its case in the BCHRT. But the fact that it even ad to go through a trial after having the identical complaint dismissed by both the federal and Ontario human rights commissions shows the abusiveness of the system. Unlike most targets of th HRCs, the popular magazine had the money to run a five-day show trial, and had it lot, appeal its case to a real court that would apply real constitutional principles, such as freedom of the press. That's likely the very reason why Maclean's was acquitted: the human rights mandarins knew that the national media would kick up a huge uproar if an established natoinal media outlet was censored abased on the complaints of a few thin-skinned complainers-of-fortune.

Maclean's wasn't let go because it was "innocent." It was let go because it was too big and powerful for the BCHRT to crush - for now. It took forty-seven pages of legal acrobatics for the BCHRT to try to explain why Maclean's should go free, while other B. C. Publications that had written similar critical essays had been convicted. (p. 27)
I've already told you: Buy the book. You need to know how out of control our justice system is in Canada, thanks to "human rights" commissions. It's all pretty clear if you get one thing straight: If you are important, rich or powerful, you are entitled to your opinion. Otherwise, nada.

Of course, we could change this. We could go back to the traditional Canada where people were allowed to have their own opinions, in general.

(Not to say that that is necessarily the high road to popularity. For example, if your opinion is that everyone should eat a half litre of worms every day or that every woman who happens to live on your street should consider herself free for a date - for religious reasons - well ... most Canadians just won't join your religion. In which case, you must learn to get along with unbelievers ... )

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Before they made the strategic miscalculation of going after Ezra's Western Standard (p. xiii)

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