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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Christian cadres: Alarm clocks work better when you keep the batteries up to date ...

A friend draws my attention to Christian Cadre, who writes,
I'm ashamed that as a self-proclaimed critical thinker I let myself be swayed by the emotional atheist rhetoric against ID. The truth is that I haven't really engaged with the ID writings in any depth, and at the very least I owe people like Dembski, Behe, Meyer, Denton and others the courtesy of careful consideration, more than they get from the hysterical mass media. I've always been about the quality of arguments. I couldn't care less if ID is creationism disguised as science, or whether there is a pernicious political agenda behind it. I want to know how good the arguments are. And I haven't really gone a long way towards doing that.
Honestly, I wish some of these people would blow clear of the Kool-Aid for good.

Scripture, tradition, reason, and evidence all point to design in the universe. That's a lot of evidence. All the atheists have is anti-religious rhetoric and legal decisions from sympathetic judges.

Christian cadre, whoever you are and if that's what you are, which would you rather have on your side?

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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