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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cells: From slime to supercomputers in one not-so-easy, big fat research project. But then what?

Geoffrey Robinson, of Faith, Beer, and Other Things That Interest Geoff blog, interviewed Reasons to Believe's Fuz Rana on his recent book, The Cell's Design:

1) What is the central thesis of your book?

In the last decade or so molecular biologists, biochemists, and biophysicists have developed a wide range of new techniques that give us an unprecedented view of life’s operation at a molecular level. In my opinion, these new insights provide some of the most compelling evidence that life must stem from the work of a Creator.

The Cell’s Design is my attempt to communicate the breadth and depth of these discoveries and organize them into a formal argument for intelligent design (ID). To make my case, I utilize a form of analogical reasoning called pattern recognition.

I attempt to define an intelligent design pattern using the behavior of human designers as a guide. Remarkably, the defining characteristics and features of life’s chemical systems closely correspond to the intelligent design pattern.

In my view, this analogy compels the conclusion that life stems from a Creator. It’s not that life’s chemistry appears to be designed. But it appears to be designed in the same way that a system or object created by a human designer appears to be designed.
For more, go here. One thing I find interesting is that Fuz Rana works with Hugh Ross. Hugh Ross attacks the intelligent design theorists, but Fuz Rana makes ID a central thesis. (See also this item on Ross's views of ID.)

I see it as a generational thing. Ross belongs to a generation that saw design as proof for God but did not see its potential in other areas.

The younger design theorists don't deny any of that, but they see a broader picture. Seeing design in nature has many uses besides apologetics.

I am trying to read The Cell's Design, while struggling with six other books on the Toronto Transit or else late at night. (I didn't know insomnia could be such a blessing.)


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