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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Darwinism and popular culture: Emerging church riffs off Darwin

Recently, I received a press release from Woodlake Books, on behalf of this book:

Awe, Wonder and Evolution: Where Do These Belong in Christianity? Remember when you were a small child and you could sit and watch a bug crawl up a leaf for hours? When catching snowflakes on your tongue was magical? What happens when we grow up?

Life gets busy and we forget. We lose our sense of awe. Not only individually, but culturally. In the 150 years since Darwin published On the Origin of Species, we have gained significant scientific knowledge, but we have also lost our connection to the nature we have learned so much about. Is this how we want to evolve? How do we respond? How do we live faithfully in this changing world?
Since you asked, "How do we live faithfully in this changing world?": Well, we could start with a reality check.

Darwin believed passionately that the universe was without purpose or design, and that species come and go by mere chance. (Natural selection acts on random mutations.)

Where do the authors stand on that? Do they agree or disagree with Darwin? Or are they just riffing off the ol' Brit toff's name, to make a sale?

Look, I don't care. In these times, it's a hard enough life selling books. Don't let me stop you. Still, if this is the emergent church, as they trumpet, I think it will emerge stillborn. Not enough practical relationship with facts.

By the way, two things: I never lost my sense of awe. So speak for yourselves about that stuff, emerging church. And, while we are here, I don't mind evolving away from nature if it helps friends, relatives, and myself to live a better life. Humans have been doing that for thousands of years. We won't easily be stopped.

Find out why there is an inteligent design controversy:

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