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Saturday, March 21, 2009

How big a rug do you need?

British physicist David Tyler notes,
Those who only want to sweep scientific controversies under the rug of social and political agendas are not representing the science properly to their students. The way to handle controversy is not for the teacher to take sides, but to help students recognise different perceptions of the same data and to develop strategies for evaluating the various positions. When the principle of critical analysis is applied, it means the hegemony of neoDarwinism as establishment science will be over (because it will have to use reasoned arguments rather than an appeal to consensus). Then, perhaps, we can get beyond the hype and the hubris associated with origins and ultimate causes.
From "Why are not all of us happy neoDarwinians?"

Also, I can't imagine running around Toronto in a puff dino suit.

Oh wait, There isn't a controversy, remember? Remember?


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