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Monday, March 30, 2009

From Ezra Levant's Shakedown - 4

It's hard to believe, but government bureaucrats, paid with tax dollars, who are supposed to be promoting human rights and interracial relations, are spending their time becoming members of neo-Nazi websites and writing bigoted comments n the Internet. Their goal is to goad Canadian citizens into replying with their own hateful comments - which the human rights investigators can then prosecute as human rights abuses.

That would be like a police officer setting out lines of cocaine at party, snorting a few himself, then inviting other people to do the same - and then arresting them when they take him up on his offer. (p. 31)
I wish I could find all this as hard to believe as Ezra Levant says he does. He can't really, truly find it very hard to believe, because he must have grown up in the shadow of Trudeaupian authoritarian government. However, even if you grew up with the rot, plumbing the depth takes some work, of course.

A country that puts enormous faith in government to be more moral than the rest of us - well, what would you expect? No government is more moral than the citizens who elect it, except by the merest chance. And that certainly didn't happen here in Canada.

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Mark Steyn introduces Levant's work by pointing out how social engineering was snuck into Canada on the basis of largely non-existent problems:
Before they made the strategic miscalculation of going after Ezra's Western Standard (p. xiii)

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