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Monday, March 30, 2009

From Ezra Levant's Shakedown - 5

The March 25 hearing was a disaster for the CHRC. Its staff had to admit, under oath, that they routinely went online under false identities to provoke reactions from neo-Nazis. The CHRC admitted that it had no controls over who had access to these CHRC neo-Nazi website membership accounts. Despite dozens of objections made by CHRC lawyers - apparently to run out the clock on the one-day hearing - the CHRC's dirty laundry was aired in the national media. (p. 39)
Well, it's really hard for an old-fashioned kind of person like me to "not" see how that would eventually become a cloak for corruption, if it hasn't become one already. Anyway,
The dirtiest fact of all: the CHRC had logged on to a neo-Nazi website by illegally hacking into a private citizen's wireless Internet account at her home. It was a means to cover the CHRC's tracks, so that the identity of the originating, government computers would be hidden. That staggering revelation came from Alain Monfette, a Bell Canada security officer, who had been subpoenaed by Lemire to find out who had gone on online as "Jadewarr," one ofte CHRC's neo-Nazi codenames. Monfette disclosed to a stunned courtroom that jadewarr's posts had been made thorugh the Internet account of Nelly Hechme ... (p. 39)
who happened to live around the corner from the CHRC.

Well, just so you know, recently, the government blew Hechme off, and she was forced to abandon her complaint. In Trudeau's heirs' Canada, you do not have the rights you thought you had grown up with. You have only the bones they will throw you after their feast. And those bones might be unspeakable, unfit for human viewing, let alone consumption.

To some, yes, it is dirty laundry. To others, it is just the way their business is done. But why are Canadians funding it?

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Mark Steyn introduces Levant's work by pointing out how social engineering was snuck into Canada on the basis of largely non-existent problems:
Before they made the strategic miscalculation of going after Ezra's Western Standard (p. xiii)
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