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Friday, November 27, 2009

Interview: Mathematician David Berlinski explains why famous mathematicians have doubted Darwin

"Darwin and the Mathematicians", here, is David Berlinsk's final interview with Evolution News and Views. Berlinski, a Darwin skeptic of long standing, discusses the reasons famous mathematicians have doubted Darwin, along with entertaining anecdotes:
In the first part of the 20th century, Darwin v. Dissent had not yet acquired its riveting incarnation as a melodrama of intolerance. No heresy, no heretics is a useful proverb, and using, say, 1950 as a reference point, there were no heretics among the mathematicians because there was yet no heresy. Darwin's theory was not then considered totemic; and his touch was not widely understood to cure erysipelas. Darwin v. Dissent is of our time and place.
For more, go here.

Berlinski has a new book out, called The Deniable Darwin & Other Essays

(Note: The accumulation of evidence against Darwinism is the primary cause of the suppression of dissent, tacit co-operation of legacy media (which, themselves, would like to suppress independent media), growth of frantic Darwin lobbies, and incivility of so many Darwin sites. You've heard about climategate? Wait till Darwingate.)


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