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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Intellectual Freedom in Canada: Housecleaning at the Liberal Party?

It appears that Michael Ignatieff, the Liberal leader, has taken what I consider to be some prudent decisions, including getting rid of people who are widely considered to be supporters of our infamous "human rights" commissions.

I, for one, am glad. I did not wish to vote against the Liberals on principle, as it leaves me with no viable options other than the Conservatives, who never win in downtown Toronto. But I could see no alternative, as long as the Liberals were fronting a Shakedown racket, which - in fairness - many Party members may not have realized they were fronting.

I think the Liberals have many other problems they need to address, like anti-Semitism in their diverse constituency.

But it looks as though they are waking up to that problem, too.

All I can say, as a citizen who votes: It is nice if I have a choice again. But we do still have a long way to go.

Also: Are you Christmas shopping?

Look here for tee shirts with Kathy Five Feet of Fury Shaidle-type slogans such as "You are not smart enough to tell me how to run my life". Friends who are as fed up as many of us are with tinpot 'crats with way bigger egos than brains will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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