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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Intellectual freedom: Jewish lobby a big problem of some kind? In a free country, why?

Just catching up here: A friend alerted me to this - Richard Dawkins apparently refers at various points to "the Jewish lobby." Go here, and here.

I replied:

“The Jewish lobby”? Are you sure? But around here (Canada) that’s code for anti-Semitism.

Jewish people of whatever citizenship are as entitled as anyone else to lobby peacefully for their positions on political questions.

The whole point, in a free society, is that we needn't agree with them. We can civilly disagree, where thought necessary. In Canada, we are fighting huge battles on the right to talk about what we think important - and the free society is largely winning.*
The aggressors in a number of cases have been Islamists and radical gays - people who are not supported by key Muslim or gay rights organizations, by the way. The aggressors are typically freelancers who attract the attention of civil servants with nothing better to do. If that does not change, it will not be the fault of Canada's free speech journalists, of whom I am proud to be one (admittedly a minor one).

Oh wait. We are talking about Richard Dawkins, a radical Darwinist, here. Aren’t we all just a bunch of chemicals running around in a bag? Or containers for selfish genes?
Well then, civility is up the spout, I guess.

No, wait! Just in time for Christmas shopping:

To learn more about how and why we are winning in Canada, read Shakedown, Lights Out, or Tyranny of Nice.

* No one said it would be easy. But we would be crazy not to try. Too much is at stake now.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:

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