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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Evolutionary biology": and racism: Time for truth

I put this in the combox below another post over at Uncommon Descent to a commenter, and then ended up putting it on the front page, for reasons of social responsibility:

I think that "evolutionary biology" is the basket-weaving course of science - but basket weaving keeps some people from crime and drug addiction, after all - so who am I to say it isn't worth doing?

When are "evolutionary biologists" going to get around to admitting Darwin's racism and its consequences?

Here is what I wrote:

When a world association of evolutionary biologists formally acknowledges that “The Descent of Man” is one long racist tract and *disassociates* its members from Darwin’s actual views, I will be impressed.

Otherwise not. And lots of other people will not be impressed either.

In the meantime, attacks on anyone’s character are entirely beside the point.

There is a huge, open, running, rotting Stage 4 sore here - visible to the whole world - that “evolutionary biologists” seem in no hurry to deal with.

It is NO use telling me that no one agrees with Darwin if science associations are not prepared to make a formal statement about his actual views and disassociate themselves from them.

I would have thought that the Darwin year was the exact right time to do just exactly that - especially if it is true that so few biologists are racists, as you say*.

To me, the fact that it never occurred to them to do so is highly significant - given the world we live in.

*I don’t say anything one way or the other about all that except this: I ask for a general retraction of Darwin’s views on race and you can be very sure that I will know what to make of any failure to do so. And it is no use quoting high panjandrums against me.

You can be sure you will be hearing from me again - and again - on this. So why not just deal with it?

[I won't be surprised if I hear nothing but evasions, bumpf, and fulminations. And why is that exactly?]

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