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Monday, March 16, 2009

Also from the evil Discos:

Debate Over Behe's Edge of Evolution in Genetics

The debate that isn't supposed to exist in science continues in the science
journal Genetics, where Michael Behe's book, The Edge of Evolution: The Search for the Limits of Darwinism, generated a response in the form of a paper by Rick Durrett and Deena Schmidt, "Waiting for two mutations: with applications to regulatory sequence evolution and the limits of Darwinian evolution."

In their effort to refute Behe's claims, Durrett and Schmidt get a few things wrong, which Behe is able to point out in a reply published in Genetics, which Durrett and Schmidt also responded to in the journal.

What we have here is a full-fledged debate over the limits of Darwinian evolution, a debate that Behe raised with his book and continues to trouble Darwinists who respond in scientific journals because it's an interesting scientific question — and one that has yet to be answered satisfactorily.

Well, the real problem is quite simple, actually: To a Darwinist, there are no limits to what Darwinian evolution can do. Darwin's God - to borrow a phrase from Catholic Darwinist Ken Miller - is Darwinism. By nature, it is omnipotent. Thus, in Edge of Evolution, Behe blasphemed by offering ... doubt based on evidence.

Here is my review of the book.


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