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Sunday, August 31, 2008

A note to friends, on upcoming elections generally ... not a paid political announcement

Friends were wondering how to understand liberal thugs. They thought liberals couldn't be thugs, but recent events in Canada have shown that that is not correct.

I replied, ... to you and to all, I recommend Jonah Goldberg’s magisterial Liberal Fascism

Basically, the taxonomy of political movements with which I am familiar places New Leftism quite squarely in the fascist tradition.

Leftists, eager to confuse the issue, have insisted that fascist movements must, by definition, be right-wing.

But that is self-serving nonsense.

Fascism is a mood in politics, not a program – the mood of an aggrieved identity group that seeks salvation through government crackdowns on its perceived enemies.

Whether the grievance group is “Aryans” or “transgendered persons” or “The Sword of the Infidel Slayer”, the political mood is the same:

= Those other people have done us wrong and Government is going to put it right, and we want $millions – no, $billions! – plus a whole bunch of strict new laws against anything that makes us feel bad.

While we’re here, I am surprised that more Americans did not pick up on the Obaminator announcing that people must eat less.

It must be true that no one studies history any more.

Yes, lots of Americans are tubby. But so? What kind of a society do you think you’ll have when that becomes “a federal case”?

And the most common way governments put a stop to people eating too much is politically driven famines.

Because of the relative ease with which hunger can be alleviated today, essentially, all famines from the late nineteenth century onward have been politically driven – in the sense that it was possible to prevent the famine but no one wanted to. It was a choice.

But alas, no one studies history any more.

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