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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Intelligent design and popular culture: Design acknowledged - embarrassingly - in stone

A friend writes to say,

Hey Denyse - I visited Washington, DC earlier this year and took this photo of one of the signs inside the Library of Congress....FYI.
Thank you much!

Voices from the past ... which is why I find the churchy scientists who insist that the universe shows no evidence of design (but there really is a God anyway) to be such a remarkable social exhibit. Their accommodation to the New Atheist movement is staggering - considering that that movement is not based on any evidence, but quite the contrary.

I have always respected the old atheists, while disagreeing with them. But I bash the New Atheists regularly over at The Mindful Hack: All profanity, no profundity.

While we are here, the mosaic in the ceiling of the entrance to the Royal Ontario Museum (the Rotunda Ceiling, 1932) reads "THAT ALL MEN MAY KNOW HIS WORK."
I have it on a nice bit of note paper here, and am informed in the figure note that the quotation, "taken from the Book of Job, sums up in one sentence the purpose for which a museum devoted to the arts & sciences stands."

It's a beautiful piece of work, and I just cannot think how the wrecking ball missed it.

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