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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Canadian election nears ... a chance to vote for freedom?

As the election nears, here's one issue for Canadian Christians (and other theists) to talk about ... and another one for us to think about

Issue 1. To talk about: Anti-Christian bigotry at the highest levels of our government. Alberta civil rights lawyer Ezra Levant (threatened with further charges) posted his response to the Canadian Human Rights Commission. In that message, he states that it is hypocritical that Rev. Boissoin has been charged again, but that Levant himself has not been charged for reprinting Boissoin's words. Levant is Jewish, and the reason that is important will become clear from the following:
I republished the same words as Rev. Boissoin and yet you have recommended that the CHRC not proceed against me.

There is only one reason for this: the CHRC is anti-Christian, and thus you excuse in me what you condemned in Rev. Boissoin.

This is not the first indication of a deep-seated bigotry at the CHRC. You have mercilessly persecuted other Christians in Canada for merely expressing their faith, such as Fr. Alphonse de Valk of Catholic Insight magazine and Ron Gray and the Christian Heritage Party to name just two others.

I note that the CHRC has never once prosecuted a "hate speech" complaint against any non-Christian, though there is plenty of non-Christian bigotry in Canada. No Muslim extremist, no Tamil extremist, no Sikh extremist has ever been prosecuted, though those communities are wracked with internecine hates between radical and moderate camps, that sometimes spill over into violence. But you'd rather pick on a seventy-something Catholic priest for publishing a newsletter.

That's why you're letting me go - I'm not a weak, penniless Christian clergyman.
Read the rest here.

Issue 2. To think about: An anti-Christian documentary "Religulous" will be coming to Canada. It preys on Christians who do not take their faith seriously enough to know much about it. Read more here:

One concern is that, in the present climate, a documentary like that (if accompanied by ritual praise from fashionable media) will make our situation worse.
But please, please,do NOT go to a creepy "human rights" commission if you feel dissed by an anti-Christian documentary.

Do us all a favour and know what you believe and why you believe it. Advocate it sensibly and peacefully, and help us banish the rapidly enlarging "human face" of fascism in Canada.

If you are a theist but not a Christian, remember that the reason that the people who hate order in the universe attack us first is that we have been here, arguably, longer and/or are more numerous than you.

You are next. Be good to yourselves. Fire. Them. All.

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