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Sunday, November 27, 2005

New blogs added to blogroll: Never be bored!

I must take some time off from blogging, to write two difficult chapters of a forthcoming book (Harper, March 2007). Blogging will be light, not necessarily non-existent.

what I've done besides posting a whole bunch of stuff today, is to add a number of ID blogs to the blogroll at the right. They'll keep you up to date while I pore over bad faxes and weeny little journal print, trying to understand exotic issues in neuroscience.

Science and Religion Three-Way Blog, a joint project of Wake Forest University and Western Michigan University, features students who are taking a course in the relationship between science and religion. One student commented on the Rick Sternberg story:

I can only imagine that this would have been the situation 150 years ago for a researcher who claimed that non-whites were as capable intellectually as whites. No doubt this researcher would have been abused by government-approved institutions, and the media would treat the whole thing as if it didn't happen. After all, it wouldn't fit with the reigning paradigm, and as such it would be difficult for a reporter to even think how to report it.

Fast forward 150 years to 2005. Now the story that doesn't fit with the media's paradigm is that everything we've ever been told about evolution may be wrong. It's about as radical to reporters today as intellectual equality among the races would have been in 1855. So what's a reporter to do about Sternberg's story? Simple. Don't report it. And if it gets reported, don't repeat it.

It's kinda like what you do about farting in public places. Don't do it. And if someone else does it, for goodness sake, don't draw attention to it!

I am adding this one to the blogroll on the right, along with the following:

- Science and Religion Three-Way Blog .

- The Dex View, blogger Zach Dexter, a student Web designer.

- Darwinian Fundamentalism, blogger Lawrence Selden, a macroevolution agnostic.

- ID in the UK, blogger Andrew Rowell. He has a blogroll that lists a number of ID blogs I haven't had time to visit yet.

- ProgettoCosmo, an Italian language site.

- Teleological, bloggers fdocc, Salvador, and teleologist. They have a great blogroll as well (Teleoroll)

- ID: The Future, a Discovery Institute blog, featuring most of the usual suspects.

- Also, don't miss culture reviewer Don Cichetti's Exit the Matrix on the ID controversy.

And, if you decide you hate and disagree with all those ID sympathizers, there is always Panda's Thumb, if you must.
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