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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Academic moans: Intelligent design now part of "cafeteria" of student options

Russell Jacoby moans in he LA Times that allowing criticism or second opinions on Darwinism amounts to giving students a
cafeteria of choice. He argues,

... the jargon of choice and diversity actually corrodes academic freedom, which once referred to the freedom of college instructors to teach what they considered salient, subject to the review of their peers, not outside authorities. Today, it increasingly means the freedom of students to hear what they — or their parents — want.

Jacoby apparently doesn't know - or doesn't want to acknowledge - that, where Darwinism is concerned, academic freedom disappeared a while back, and the struggle is to right the balance.

Funnily enough, Jacoby argues that "truth itself is partisan," compounding the error that led to the current mess. People who think that truth is partisan tend also to think that persecution is a duty.

They do not see themselves as on a search for truth; truth, is indeed, their bird in a cage, and everyone else's cage is, by definition, empty.
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