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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Column Watch: Darwin's theory of evolution: Elegant theory or busybody aunt?

Columnist Charles Krauthammer attacks intelligent design theory, noting,

How ridiculous to make evolution the enemy of God. What could be more elegant, more simple, more brilliant, more economical, more creative, indeed more divine than a planet with millions of life forms, distinct and yet interactive, all ultimately derived from accumulated variations in a single double-stranded molecule, pliable and fecund enough to give us mollusks and mice, Newton and Einstein? Even if it did give us the Kansas State Board of Education too.

Okay, Charlie, but the question isn't about whether Darwin's theory of evolution is simple or brilliant but whether it accounts for - for example - the super-computer-like complexity of cells. Any aptly phrased theory sounds wonderful when no objections are permitted.

Philosopher and Discovery fellow Jonathan Witt, citing various recent events,ripostes in the Seattle Times,

Modern evolutionary theory is less a cornerstone and more the busybody aunt — into everyone's business and, all the while, very much insecure about her place in the home.

Just rock a little faster, will you, Auntie? We'll be there in no time ...

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