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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Good reads on ID, especially for Baptists

Al Mohler, President
I see where Southern Seminary has a new .pdf magazine out, on the Darwin vs Design issue. Here's the table of contents:

24 the New Shape of the Debate

R. Albert Mohler Jr.

"The debate over Darwinism rages on, with almost every week bringing a new salvo in the great controversy. The reason for this is simple and straightforward – naturalistic evolution "the great intellectual rival to Christianity in the Western world. It is the creation myth of the secular elites and their intellectual weapon of choice in public debate."

[Glad someone has noticed. That’s always been true. It was true in the days of Thomas Huxley’s (Darwin’s bulldog’s) X-Club through his grandson’s Julian Huxley’s proposed religion of evolution when he was UNESCO director, and - as Darwinist Michael Ruse notes - it’s true today. The difference is that today’s taxpayer funds the Darwin cult and it is forced on students at "secular" schools. The Darwinist counts on Christians to holler for Jesus, and fail to organize to do something of consequence. - d. ]

28 the New Atheism and the Dogma of Darwinism

R. Albert Mohler Jr.

33 All Things Dark and Terrible: Our Fearful Fascination with Wild Things and Other Monsters of God

Russell D. Moore

36 Evolution and Creation in Higher Education

Mark T. Coppenger

40 Creation and American Christianity

Gregory A. Wills

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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