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Monday, January 24, 2011

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Sensitive to the “offended” = indifferent to violence?

Blazing Cat Fur tells me about the unsettling connections of a Canadian Muslim magazine: Publishes a HIZB UT-TAHRIR Terrorist Screed calling for Islamist Rule in Tunisia.

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Jawed Anwar, publisher of TheMuslim served as a chair of the Thorncliffe Park Elementary school through 2010.
An ... elementary school?

Like many who have followed the show trials of Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, I am most dismayed by the ease with which violent politics is now accepted in Canada, when initiated by disaffected groups professing Islam - yet, right as rain, the official promoters of anti-racism and diversity persecute prominent figures over trifles.

Of course, the reason is obvious: The “human rights” establishment can quite safely ruin a person’s life and reputation over nothing because everything thinks either “at least it’s not me they’re after”. Or “he must have done something bad to deserve it.” Or maybe, “I’m too smart for that.” Or “I’m too nice.” This is how a country quietly divest itself of democracy - it breeds citizens who don’t deserve freedom and cannot live up to the obligations of maintaining it.

This is not a question of the right to publish Islamist literature, but rather of the fact that there is no social accountability for doing so. That is, no one must retire voluntarily from public life as a result of displays of anti-Semitism or advocacy of legal systems that offer fewer rights for women. That has been the problem all along. Legal accountability alone will not save freedom, even if it were exercised.

Blazing also asks me to link to this Pro-Israel blog contest.

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