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Thursday, December 23, 2010

A word about the Post-Darwinist ...

Posting here at the Post-Darwinist is time-consuming, but worthwhile and fun. Thanks to generous donors to my PayPal button (right), I can take time from regular work to post.

I will shortly be reactivating Mindful Hack and Colliding Universes, neglected due to the demands of 2010's books. I’ll announce their news stories here. I hope to start offering more services as well.

Why do I do it? Following the story, I guess.

First, you needn’t think that life’s pattern is best accounted for by design in order to give yourself permission to doubt Darwin’s increasingly dubious tale and despise its current function in our society.

Consider: Darwinism is the only “science” most lifestyle editors and their writers will ever know (except, perhaps, dubious environment apocalypses, one-a-month). So an endless stream of rubbish filters through to the public, about how Darwin the liberator has freed us evolved apes to follow our selfish genes.

The fact that there is little evidence for that selfish gene’s very existence hardly matters. Darwinism’s value today is exclusively social: It undergirds nonsense like evolutionary psychology, and more dangerous but popular projects like neurolaw (= it’s neurologically impossible that people could be responsible for their behaviour, so ... ).

Naturally, those who benefit from the Darwin industry cannot tolerate a rational assessment of its fact base. But some of us think evidence matters. You do, and that is why you come to this site. You come for what you won’t read in the Journal of Confirmation Studies or hear on Airhead TV.

No orphans will starve if you read here for free. I am inviting you to invest in what you actually read. And the best of the New Year to kind readers like yourself!

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