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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Letter to Canadian civil rights lawyer Ezra Levant

I wrote this to Ezra Levant this morning:

Ezra, I wish there was less anti-Semitism among Jews.

The current official Jewish support for "human rights" commissions feels like anti-Semitism to me, as a Catholic Christian, but let me explain:

The Commissions systematically avoid confronting the biggest source of anti-Semitism in Canada - Islamic fascism.

Worse, they actually front these people's causes, as your case and that of Mark Steyn showed.

Worse still (given how you yourself have suffered, I hope you will not mind me saying this) are the suspicious deaths of women who become unwanted in a Middle Eastern-origin culture. Why should THAT not be the concern of the Commissions? I am told they are too "busy."

Yes, they are, but with what?

The Commissions enormously hassle Catholic and Protestant clergy who say - and it happens to be true - that traditional Christianity is not compatible with the gay lifestyle, but I digress.

Except, I don't really digress. When all this trouble is laid at our doors, one hardly likes to hear that official organizations of other faiths support it.

And remember, we don't even have a choice about being in the fight. The Catholic Church simply cannot teach that the gay lifestyle is appropriate for Christians. If priests must go to jail, so be it, but who will thank anyone for abetting that?

I think that the major Jewish organizations need a complete change of top personnel, replacing them with people with modern thinking about the key issues.

As things are, they are loafing along, never where the real action is, never where "Death to the Jews" marches are. A Catholic friend went down to protest that. I couldn't, due to a family member's illness, but I wonder how many of these Official Jews showed up?

Human rights commissions should get entirely out of the business of policing either religion or the media in Canada, and I would expect the new Jewish leadership to support that.

Then they are free to deal with genuine, specific threats to Jews in Canada.

That'll be tough for the New Brooms because they won't be dealing merely with basement apartment losers and Internet Nazis.

But hey, if you are a Jew and you value your life, it is worth your dime to support a thorough housecleaning.

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