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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Muddying the waters?

At his site, Mark Steyn comments on a letter in which the correspondent noted, "It does no one any good to muddy a perfectly reasonable debate with polarizing hyperbole (dressing up as Nazis is rarely kinky by the way)."

This is the single stupidest statement I have read in print all year.

Dressing up as a Nazi would have been a good way to get shot or imprisoned at my father's air base during World War II.

That's because people back then might think the guy meant it. Hundreds of thousands of guys did mean it, actually.

Nazi dress only became kinky after the Nazis were defeated and despised, and rightly tagged with the Holocaust.

Kinky is all Nazism ever can be now, so it is either negligible or kinky.

Now let us revisit Jennifer Lynch's diseased and discredited "human rights" commission: Either she is chasing a phantom or she is pestering kinky people who have little impact on society.

Perhaps those people do go to certain establishments, where people actually pay to ... ahem. But can anyone name a single serious public worry to which their odd vices contribute?

Not recession, not unemployment, not the spread of terrorism, not the spread of "honour killings" of women who - having lived in the West - disclaim Middle East theories about women ...

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