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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Young Earth Creationism: New book "storms" it?

When I was teaching a course a couple of years back on why there is an intelligent design controversy, I had to address young earth creationism (YEC) [= Earth and its life forms were created in 7 days, 144 hours].

I tried to make two points:

(1) There is no possible way that the Darwinian narrative of the history of life can be true, whether we accept NASA's dating of the age of the Earth or not.

(2) I was not lecturing on the topic of YEC in order to attack YECs, but simply to outline the different ways people approach the evidence.

Now, my own view is that YEC is an answer to a problem that doesn't really exist. but I have also said the same about theistic evolution [= There is really a God but nature does not provide any evidence, so it must be received on faith alone].

Anyway, I was glad to see that, in "Storming Young-Earth Creationism: But is Genesis 1 the" only text at issue?, Marcus R. Ross, a creationist paleontologist at Liberty University, takes on The Bible, Rocks and Time by Davis A. Young and Ralph F. Stearley (IVP Academic, September 2008):
Young-earth creationism is a complex system. YEC's conception of history includes not merely a six-rotational-day Creation, but also a young age of the earth, miraculous creation of plant and animal life, a commitment to a historical Adam and Eve, a historical Fall with universal spiritual and physical consequences, and a global catastrophe.
Personally, I am glad that these people can have a civil discussion (no murders, no planes flying into buildings, etc.)


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