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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Intellectual freedom in Canada: When good intentions morph into bad policy

From Ezra Levant's excellent blog, we learn more about how the Canadian Jewish Congress built up the Canadian Nazi Party, and then put in place "human rights" commissions to control such institutions.

This was not a nefarious plot. It has more the feel of mid-twentieth-century "social worker" bungling - where the bungler doesn't really understand what he or she is actually doing.

Most of the people Levant describes never seem to have received any training in basic principles like cause and effect.

In a simple-minded way, the bungler imagines that if he created the monster, he owns it and can then destroy it at his own convenience.

That was true of the Canadian Nazi Party, which was a cultural zero anyway. (= Most Canadians figured, basically, we won the War and they lost it. So anyone parading around in Nazi get-up was a self-identified loser.)

And so now? Now the out-of-control "human rights" commissions - direct descendants of such efforts - are a menace to a free society, as Levant's book, Shakedown illustrates. No one knows what will "offend" someone - or what will be criminalized next.

If you have the time (I rarely do), listen to some fluffy-haired talk show host yatting aimlessly on TV, you might have some idea from which quarter the wind is blowing just now. (= why your life or business may be destroyed, almost at random.)

Or you could, instead, write to our Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Mr. Stephen Harper and ask politely that he convene a Royal Commission to look into this mess.

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