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Friday, May 15, 2009

Live bearing fish: No Darwinian story of evolutionary transformation

From David Tyler's recent post on live bearing fish:
Evolutionists are very reluctant to acknowledge when their predictions are falsified. Instead, they have cultivated the ability to say the new finds have broadened their thinking and that it places their understanding "on a much firmer footing". Indeed, the new finds "may prove to have far-reaching implications for our understanding of early vertebrate evolution". The reality is that these new finds do not confirm evolutionary predictions. Instead, there are now modified evolutionary predictions (as yet untested) that attempt to accommodate the data within an evolutionary framework. This is the well-documented behaviour of Kuhnian "normal" science.

I am reminded of a conversation with a friend of mine whose PhD was in fish development. He came to the conclusion that fish do not provide a Darwinian story of evolutionary transformation. These recent finds seem to confirm his assessment.
By "Kuhnian 'normal' science", Tyler means continuing to front a theory that does nt really work any more because it is the only existing theory.

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