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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Darwinism: More tales from the Altenberg - a prof who questions and thinks

A friend draws my attention to this article in the University of Minnesota Daily by Katherine Wolfe (05/03/2009), about one of the Altenberg 16 - the 16 guys who started to confront the Darwin cult: "Prof making philosophy out of science: Philosophizing about science, assistant professor looks to the questions not the answers."
University of Minnesota assistant professor Alan Love is focusing in on how and why researchers ask questions and conduct experiments.

“Alan is the kind of guy that can engage anthropologists, developmental biologists or geneticists,” he said. “He always seems to have something insightful or provocative to say.”

Part of his insightfulness comes from his amazing memory, Doyle said.

Love commonly cites books and papers from memory, remembering both the dates they were published and their content, Doyle said.

“He has this way of processing or remembering all the stuff he reads and [uses] it in his courses and research,” Doyle said.

Love, whose small office is lined wall-to-wall with hundreds of book s, said he finds science “amazingly interesting” and hopes his work might someday help attract more people to the field.

I hope so too. Darwinism tends to attract narrow and unimaginative people who simply keep trying to prove their central thesis, that life arose by chance, when it is becoming more and more obviously implausible all the time. Students deserve better.

See also The Top Ten Darwin and Design Stories of 2008, of which #1 was the Altenberg conference.

Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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