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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recent podcasts in the intelligent design controversy

Brought to you by the evil Discos:

1. Dr. Jonathan Wells on The Language of God

Click here to listen.

On this episode of ID the Future Logan Gage interviews Dr. Jonathan Wells on his recent review of Francis Collins' The Language of God, addressing questions of common ancestry, mistaken definitions of intelligent design, and Collins' use of so-called "junk"-DNA to advance a "Darwin-of-the-gaps" argument.

[Collins is a curious figure, in my view - a well meaning non-denominational (?) Christian who seems to think that Christians who insist that the universe and life forms show evidence of design are creating conflict in society. Well, ... a conflict with whom, exactly? Who is supporting the other side? The new atheists, basically. A far cry from the old atheists, who just didn't believe in God, the new atheists want power. It'll be a bad time for anyone who questins their views. Of course, there are a few useful idiots on the Christian side, including one entire organization of Christians in science, but we would expect that. It doesn't change anything; it just makes the problem worse.]

2. Exposing Darwinist Ronald Wetherington’s Bluffs About Human Evolution

Click here to listen.

This episode of ID the Future explores the many holes in SMU professor Ronald Wetherington's testimony before the Texas State Board of Education. Listen in as Casey Luskin explains why Wetherington -- and anyone else who claims that there are "no gaps" in the fossil record or "no lack of transitional fossils" in human evolution -- overstates his case.

For more rebutting Ronald Wetherington's testimony, click here.

[It's not so much that there are no gaps (there are plenty of those), but the Darwinist explanation doesn't make sense of the evidence, and never has and never will.]

3. Calling Darwinist David Hillis' Bluffs Before the Texas State Board of Education

Click here to listen.

On this episode of ID the Future Casey Luskin exposes the many bluffs and blunders of Darwinist David Hillis, who testified before the Texas State Board of Education with the outlandish claim that there's "overwhelming agreement" on the Tree of Life -- the same day that New Scientist published "Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life." Listen is as IDTF calls Hillis' bluff.

Click here to read more

[Remember, these guys have been screwing dollars out of the taxpayer for years to fund a basically dead idea. They will say whatever they need to, to keep the spout open.]

4. Predictions from an Intelligent Design Perspective Conversation with Biologist Luman Wing, Part 3

Click here to listen.

On this episode of ID the Future, biologist Luman Wing explains to Casey Luskin about the predictions of an intelligent design perspective in biology. Wing discusses junk-DNA, the irreducible complexity of the blood clotting cascade, and the implications of ID and Darwinism on personalized medicine.

Dr. Luman Wing is a signer of A Scientific Dissent From Darwinism. [I just hope he keeps his job.]

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