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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Letter to friend: Re United Church of Canada and Darwinism

From a letter to a friend re the United Church of Canada's recent decision to sponsor Darwinian evolution as a cause:
All these sorts of trends empty churches because – this is my interpretation – they are all aimed at accommodating a world in which we should not really expect any sign from God = a sign that is clearly and obviously different from what would happen in nature anyway.

If there is really no sign from God, many institutions are better suited to helping us deal with that fact than churches are.

That’s why churches like the UCC are declining.

Now, having had several signs from God in my own experience, I do not adhere to the UCC, and became a Roman Catholic in 2005.

Also, I think that the church mag should have let the ROM sort out its own problems with corporate sponsors of its exhibit about Darwin. It should have donated the money to a cause more obviously related to the historic interests of Christian churches. (Ending slavery, helping refugees, working against racism, persuading people to engage in philanthropy, promoting reconciliation in families …. ) Darwin's followers get lots of money from taxpayers, who would lose their property if they did not support that stuff.

But then I am not a member or adherent of the UCC. Perhaps soon no one will be.
Find out why there is an intelligent design controversy:


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