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Friday, February 13, 2009

Message to Darwinists: Quit lying about Darwin's racism. It is not doing you any good.

Darwinists: Re the white–black-gorilla thing Quit lying about the fact that Darwin thought that black people are closer to gorillas than white people are. Just own up to it, reject it, and move on.

Of course, you must then admit that Darwin's whole idea of how different species develop is not a good one. Because you know perfectly well that Darwin's key point in Descent of Man was that different races are in the process of becoming different species.

Do you believe that, or not? I suspect you don't. Disowning Darwin's theory is surely a small price to pay, to move on to a post-"scientific racism" world?

And if not, why not?

Scholars also turn a blind eye to the argument for racism that eugenicists drew from The Descent. Darwin there claimed that the break between apes and man in evolution fell "between the negro or Australian and the gorilla." West argues that Darwin's allegation about blacks belonging to "a more primitive stage of human evolution" soon became a powerful scientific rationale for racist public policies, including laws against miscegenation*.
*Miscegenation means marrying a person of a different skin shade from oneself, and then having kids. It is the kind of offence only a demented society could invent. Darwinism helped dement societies in that specific way, because Darwin and his followers thought human groups were separating into different species. If Darwinists refuse to repent of such nonsense, I recommend disbelieving everything else they say.

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