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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intelligent design and popular culture: Three vids for your coffee break

Over at Uncommon Descent, we've spiffed up quite a bit and the new Web guy is going to be adding rotating vids.

Here are three he noticed and liked, for your entertainment:

1. An affable Mike Behe, author of the controversial Edge of Evolution, explains the machinery inside our cells (molecular machines) in a low-threat way:

2. Five minutes of Unlocking the Mystery of Life, possibly the first video on intelligent design that had production values. (A prof mumbling into his lecture notes in an empty, echoing classroom is mega-not production values!)

3. Steve Meyer of the evil Discovery Institute explains intelligent design to Ben Wattenberg and how it differs from creationism:

Toward the end, Meyer gets into his plan to take over the world, starting with the recent Beyond the Mind-Body Problem symposium at the UN (September 11, 2008) - as revealed in the pages of New Scientist. I understand that a major pop science publication will soon be publishing an expose of Meyer's links to Satan as well.

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