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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Intellectual freedom in Canada: Canadian Conservatives vote for freedom

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The motion passed overwhelmingly!

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Via Ezra Levant:

99% of Conservatives vote against infamous Section 13, and the Justice Minister voted against it (even as his department is enforcing it). Guess he better do lunch with his staff?

Message to evil snitches: Research retraining ops via Employment Canada Monday pronto.

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The intellectual freedom resolution has passed the Canadian Conservative party's floor vote.

Heard that from a friend watching C-PAC .

Here's Ezra Levant's view. And remember, there is a long way to go.

Also Franklin Carter of the Freedom of Expression Committee at the Book and Periodical Council (to whom hat tip) offers an excellent op-ed by Rex Murphy in the Globe and Mail:

Human rights, the real ones, are ours from the beginning. They are not bestowed by the state, because the state does not "own" them; they are not a state's or a ruler's or, for that matter, a human-rights commission's to give. It equally follows that they are not a state's or a commission's to abridge, circumscribe, tamper with or make a toy of.

The concept of human rights, real human rights, has been long with us. But only in modern times did we learn what immeasurable darkness falls on the world when they are nullified. The butcheries of Auschwitz and Buchenwald followed as a straight and bitter line from Hitler's assumption of absolute power in 1933 and his cauterization and extinction of the concept of freedom in the German Reich. Nothing less than the Holocaust underwrites the modern understanding and appreciation of human rights. They are as profound and central a concept to the democracies of the world as we have.

They constitute the core of human freedom. They are the antidote to tyranny. They are fundamental.

Of late, in Canada, however, this most painfully acquired understanding has been utterly unmoored. The various provincial human-rights commissions and their federal godfather have been cutting away at the core of, and extending into utter fatuity the term, human rights.
. To which, Rex, there is only one proper response: Fire. Them. All.

As in Chariots of Fire ...

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