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Monday, May 04, 2009

Tales from a Wintery Knight

My blogger friend Wintery Knight discusses why a critical evaluation of Darwinism is not permitted in the public square, and how well Darwinists do in debates with skeptics.

Also, he offers a post on how educrats sacrifice excellence for self-esteem. I have often written on this topic myself (for example, here).

There is no relationship between self-esteem and objective measures of achievement.

Convicted felons in jail may have high self-esteem. Some awkward girl who will get the Mathematics Prize for her grade in high school may be convinced that no one loves her or should love her. She may nonetheless end up as the chief accountant for the prison system in which those felons are housed. That's just life unfolding the way it often does, I am afraid.

But an education system should encourage achievement in learning because that is all an education system can responsibly do.

Once it starts to meddle in social engineering, disaster follows.

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